Filter Cart - Mobile Filtration Systems (MFS)

We designed our filter cart/skid - Mobile Filtration System (MFS) to remove particulate contamination and water contamination, resulting in clean oil! This unit can be used for a wide range of applications including transferring oil from a tanker truck to a reservoir, re-circulating a storage tank or reservoir, or to perform a high-velocity flush. The typical flow rates of the MFS range from 5 to 2000-GPM and can be used on a wide range of products including insulating oils, gear oils, hydraulic oils, lube oils, and phosphate ester.

Filter Cart/Skid-Mobile Filtration System (MFS)

Our filter cart/skid- Mobile Filtration System (MFS) will help to increase the life of your equipment and decrease downtime, which can have a negative impact on production. The standard and optional features of this filter cart/skid offer convenience and versatility. We understand that the demands of each industry vary, which is why NLOFT offers custom solutions for our Mobile Filtration Systems. Designed and manufactured for the high demands of oil filtration, our units will provide quality results.


5 GPM Dual Spin On High Viscocity Filter Cart (MFS)


Product Standard Features

Inlet strainer

Mini-mess sample ports

TEFC motor

Positive displacement gear pump (up to 200-GPM)

Absolute rated micro-glass elements

Product Optional Features

Stainless steel wetted components
Digital particle monitor
Custom designs
Lifting structures
Control panel with variable frequency drive
NEMA 7 applications and air driven motors
High viscosity pump and motor combinations
Various voltage configurations
High-pressure design for flushing applications
Multi-stage filtration