Oil Filtration Systems For Aluminum Processing Plants

Oil Filtration Systems For Aluminum Processing Plants

Aluminum Processing

Contaminated oil reservoir? We can help you prevent a catastrophic forced shutdown.

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Contaminated Oil Reservoirs? We Can Help You Prevent a Catastrophic Forced Shutdown at Your Alumninum Processing plant

After Bauxite ore is mined, it must be broken down into finer particles using crushers and grinders to prepare the ore for aluminum extraction and processing.

The processing environment is subjected to high temperatures, dust, and plenty of moisture, particularly when hydroelectric power is used. Having the right oil filtration processes in place is critical.

We Build Oil and Fluid Filtration Equipment For The Alumninum Processing Industry

NLOFT filtration equipment is robust because it's built to survive and perform in the most extreme manufacturing environments on the planet.

Here’s how we work with Aluminum processing plants to mitigate moisture and particulate contamination in lubricating oils and hydraulic fluids


Water ingression in turbine oil reservoirs

Due to the high electrical demands of aluminum processing, many modern plants are powered by hydroelectricity. The presences of water and humidity provide an ideal setting for moisture contamination of turbine oil.


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Particulate and moisture ingression in crusher and grinder gearbox oil

The gearboxes turn the crushers and grinders used to break down Bauxite in the preliminary stages of aluminum processing.

The heavy loads and vibration subjected to gearboxes cause pitting and spalling of gears when the oil is contaminated.


NLOFT Vacuum Dehydrators


Particulate ingression in hydraulic oil in aluminum processing

In aluminum processing, hydraulics plays the critical role of moving heavy equipment used to move hot ore through different stages in processing.

Clean hydraulic oil in reservoirs keeps hydraulic pumps and valves in working order. Hydraulic component failure occurs prematurely when oil quality is not maintained with reliable filtration systems.


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