Industrial Vacuum Dehydrator Repair and Complete Refurbishing

Rapid shipping available throughout the continental U.S.

Industrial Vacuum Dehydrator Repair and Complete Refurbishing

Rapid shipping available throughout the continental U.S.

Engineer with concerned look in industrial setting

Need a vacuum dehydrator repaired? Speak to an NLOFT repair specialist.



Replace and upgrade worn parts

Custom Solutions


Teardown and completely rebuild


Half the cost of a new unit

Have your old vacuum dehydrator repaired or rebuilt to like-new condition down to the paint for about half the cost of a new one

If your plant has an old dehydrator 10 to 15 years old, it’s not uncommon to experience mechanical failures of pumps, motors, heaters, valves, and other moving parts.

While we do sell our vacuum dehydrators, we understand that buying new isn’t always an option for every business, every time.

Vacuum Dehydrator Repair For The Following Brands

We can repair or refurbish your old dehydrator and provide a warranty. 

Our competition would rather sell you a new unit than repair their old one; that’s likely the reason you landed here, and we’re glad you did.

Speak to a repair specialist about repairing or refurbishing your vacuum dehydrator, and save a small fortune

Ask about financing for new equipment.


Q: What are the cost savings of having a dehydrator refurbished? 

A: About 50% of what a new unit would cost.

Q: What kind of warranty do you give? 

A: One-year warranty on the parts we replace.

Q: Can you take existing-working components from my machine and incorporate them into a new skid?" 

A: We can strip down your existing skid, repaint it and incorporate new components with a modern, up-to-date design, so you save money but don’t have to discard your machine.

Our engineers are on call and ready to help you when you need it most

Ask about financing for new equipment.

Answering Your Call, Day or Night

We understand the pressure you’re under to get your plant back online. We have skilled engineers who can support you with oil purification systems suited for your industry.

Fast Response

Are you facing an unscheduled shutdown or imminent malfunction? Call us 24/7, and we’ll be there with the right equipment to resolve your issue within 24hrs.

Nationwide Distribution

Our state-of-the-art filtration skids are strategically located at distribution centers throughout the U.S. That's how we can get you a new or rented (in stock) skid in 24hrs.

Custom Solutions

Our depth of experience and advanced manufacturing capabilities means there really is no limit to our custom filtration solutions for even the most extreme of applications.