Oil Filtration Systems For Steel Mills

Oil Filtration Systems For Steel Mills

Interior of a steel mill showing molten steel

From Truck to Lube Room, NLOFT Has The Oil Filtration Systems to Clean Your Oil at Every Stage

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From Truck to Lube Room, NLOFT Has The Oil Filtration Systems To Clean Your Oil at Every Stage

We build custom oil handling and delivery solutions that begin filtering the moment oil is offloaded from the truck and transferred to your lube room. The result is clean, dry oil, extended machinery life, and less downtime.

The steel mill environment is extreme. Red-hot metal and intense loads on rotating machinery operating at high speeds. Lubrication oil and its ability to perform under pressure are what keep the mill alive.

Water ingression and particulate contamination in morgoil, gear oil, and hydraulic oil reservoirs is a constant battle in the mill. However, that battle can be won with the right filtration systems.

Our Filtration Equipment Performs Well in Steel Mills Because We’ve Been Paying Attention.

For over a decade, NLOFT has worked closely with steel mills across the U.S., developing solutions for oil contamination problems specific to the steel mill environment.

NLOFT filtration equipment is robust because it's built to survive and perform in a punishing manufacturing environment.

How NLOFT’s World-Class Oil Filtration Systems Help Steel Mills Across America Save Millions by Extending Oil Life and Avoiding Unnecessary Machinery Failure


Morgoil or gear oil system has high concentrations of water ingression in reservoirs


NLOFT Vacuum Dehydrators

Assorted NLOFT Industrial-Grade Vacuum Dehydrators

Have an OIl Contamination Emergency? We'll get you squared away pretty darn fast.

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Hydraulic oil with light moisture and heavy particulate contamination.

Due to the harsh, dusty conditions in the mine, particulate contamination of hydraulic and gearbox reservoirs for Crushers, Shovels, and Draglines is often a problem.


NLOFT Oil Handling & Delivery Systems

Display of filter carts including NEMA 7 and skid

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We understand the pressure you’re under to get your plant back online. We have skilled engineers who can support you with oil purification systems suited for your industry.

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Are you facing an unscheduled shutdown or imminent malfunction? Call us 24/7, and we’ll be there with the right equipment to resolve your issue within 24hrs.

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Our state-of-the-art oil filtration skids are strategically located at distribution centers throughout the U.S. That's how we can get a new or rented skid to you in 24hrs.

Custom Solutions

Our depth of experience and advanced manufacturing capabilities means there really is no limit to our custom filtration solutions for even the most extreme of applications.