Industrial Fluid Reclamation Equipment: Custom Flushing Skids & Vacuum Dehydrators

Industrial Fluid Reclamation Equipment: Custom Flushing Skids & Vacuum Dehydrators

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NLOFT’s reputation for industrial oil filtration and high-velocity flushing equipment is well-established amongst oil marketers throughout the United States and abroad.

Our world-class vacuum dehydrators and custom flushing skids have helped reclaim millions of gallons of lubrication oil, hydraulic fluids, and fuels that would have otherwise been discarded.

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How NLOFT’s world-class fluid reclamation equipment helps oil distributors profit and save their customers money


Reclaiming a large batch of oil contaminated with massive water ingression due to hurricane impact

Things happen during natural disasters. People make mistakes, equipment fails, and oil storage tanks are compromised. There are a hundred ways fluids can become contaminated by moisture.

However, under the right circumstances, with the right reclamation equipment, fluids can be salvaged with economic benefits for the reclaimer and the end-user.


NLOFT Vacuum Dehydrators

For reclaiming fluids with severe water ingression, we recommend our NLOFT Water Particulate Removal System (WPRS). Our flagship industrial dehydrator maximizes water extraction, achieving water content levels of 20 ppm or lower. Typical flow rates range from 1-100 GPM.

Rent or buy a vacuum dehydrator and have it rapidly delivered.

We manufacture, rent, and sell vacuum dehydrators, filter carts, and skids. In-stock units can be delivered throughout the continental U.S. in 24hrs for most locations. On-site support and commissioning is also available.

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Reclaiming fluids contaminated by particulate and low levels of moisture

Sometimes moisture is not the primary issue. The offending contaminant could be particulate, sediment, and other abrasives introduced by mechanical failure or poor oil handling procedures and protocols. Fortunately, mitigation under these circumstances is possible with the proper fluid reclamation equipment.


High-Velocity Flushing Skids

Turn Waste Into Profits! With the right fluid reclamation equipment for your Application

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Our depth of experience and advanced manufacturing capabilities means there really is no limit to our custom filtration solutions for even the most extreme of applications.