Fix Your Oil Emergency With an NLOFT Industrial Vacuum Dehydrator

Rapid shipping available throughout the continental U.S.

Fix Your Oil Emergency With an NLOFT Industrial Vacuum Dehydrator

Rapid shipping available throughout the continental U.S.

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Is Your Industrial Plant Experiencing a Massive Water Ingression?

We get a lot of urgent calls from reliability engineers and plant maintenance managers in this situation. We can help you quickly remove water contamination and avoid a forced shutdown.

Prevent an emergency with an industrial-grade vacuum dehydrator, and maximize oil life and uptime of your rotating equipment.

We don’t just sell oil filtration solutions, we engineer and manufacture them for heavy industrial applications. If you need a custom solution, we can do it.

We have extensive experience with industrial fluid and oil filtration technology for many manufacturing applications.

We Help Many Industries Maximize Uptime of Rotating Equipment

NLOFT filtration systems solve particulate and water ingression problems for a broad spectrum of industrial applications. 

NLOFT Vacuum Dehydrator Products and Services

Powerful vacuum dehydrators that remove water down to 20 ppm or lower. Custom and standard units will make even brand new oil cleaner and dryer than when it arrived at your industrial plant.

Do you have an older dehydrator you want to be repaired? We will rebuild your old OFS, HY-PRO, Parker, Gulfgate, Pall, or Enervac unit and bring it all up-to-date, replacing worn parts and upgrading electrical controls.

Don’t have the budget for a new unit? NLOFT can have a rental delivered to you rapidly in the continental U.S. with on-site support and commissioning available.

About NLOFT Dehydrators

Our flagship vacuum dehydrator is the WPRS (Water Particulate Removal System).

Achieve an overall water content of 20 ppm or lower on gear oils, hydraulic oils, lube oils, phosphate ester, paper machine, and insulating oils.

Remove harmful gas and particulate contamination

Attain flow rates ranging from 1-100 GPM depending on the model selected.

5/10 GPM Vacuum Dehydrators (NEMA 4)

5/10 GPM Vacuum Dehydrator (NEMA 7)

20 GPM Vacuum Dehydrators (NEMA 4)

20 GPM Vacuum Dehydrator (NEMA 7)

50 GPM Vacuum Dehydrators (NEMA 4)

50 GPM Vacuum Dehydrator (NEMA 7)

Have an OIl Contamination Emergency? Our dehydrators ship fast across the U.S.

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Financing available for new equipment. 

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What Our Clients Say

We'll be there to support you when you need us most, but don't take our word for it. Here's what out customers say ...

"NLOFT helped us solve some of the most challenging oil condition problems we've experienced."

In particular, I have found their vacuum dehydration systems to be the most efficient and durable units of their type. Their sales and engineering team has worked with us on many custom-built solutions and is quick to respond and resolve any issues.

NLOFT’s equipment has far exceeded our expectations in terms of performance and reliability.

Corey Cheeks, P.E.
Consulting Engineer


A: Yes, we can. We are very flexible when it comes to customizing footprints.

Purify your lubrication oil Maximize uptime, fix an emergency

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Answering Your Call, Day or Night

We understand the pressure you’re under to get your plant back online. We have skilled engineers who can support you with oil purification systems suited for your industry.

Fast Response

Are you facing an unscheduled shutdown or imminent malfunction? Call us 24/7, and we’ll be there with the right equipment to resolve your issue within 24hrs.

Nationwide Distribution

Our state-of-the-art filtration skids are strategically located at distribution centers throughout the U.S. That's how we can get you a new or rented (in stock) skid in 24hrs.

Custom Solutions

Our depth of experience and advanced manufacturing capabilities means there really is no limit to our custom filtration solutions for even the most extreme of applications.