Oil Filtration Systems For The Mining Industry

Oil Filtration Systems For The Mining Industry

Mineral mine loading truck

Contaminated hydraulic oil? Need help with your oil handling and delivery systems? 

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Contaminated Hydraulic Oil? Need Help With Your Oil Handling and Delivery Systems?

The investment in filtration equipment needed to prevent your Sag and Ball Mill from going down pales in comparison to the 50-100K per hour you will lose when a bearing fails.

The extreme nature of the mining environment takes a tremendous toll on rotating equipment and machinery of all types. There is ample opportunity for particulate contamination of fluids.

Oil Filtration Systems Built Tough for The Mining Environment

NLOFT filtration equipment is robust because it's built to survive and perform in a punishing manufacturing environment.

Here’s How We Work With Mines To Overcome Water Ingression and Particulate Contamination


Contaminated Oil Reservoirs for Crushers, Shovels, and Draglines

Your Lube Room is the heart of your mine, where your reservoirs and bulk storage tanks are maintained.

If your Lube Room equipment and oil filtration processes are outdated and substandard, the entire plant’s oil supply can suffer from water and particulate contamination.


NLOFT Oil Handling & Delivery Systems

NLOFT Oil Handling and Delivery Equipment

Have an OIl Contamination Emergency? We'll get you squared away pretty darn fast.

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Contaminated Oil Reservoirs for Crushers, Shovels, and Draglines

Due to the harsh, dusty conditions in the mine, particulate contamination of hydraulic and gearbox reservoirs for Crushers, Shovels, and Draglines is often a problem.


NLOFT Hydraulic/ Gear Oil Filter Carts/ Skids


Haul truck & excavator oil, hydraulic fluid, and coolant contamination

The big haul trucks that move the ore in the mine need maintenance. We provide filtration equipment for coolant, rear differentials, rear-wheel motors, gearboxes, and hydraulic components for these trucks.


NLOFT Portable filter carts/ high volume filter skids


Bulk oil “offloading” contamination

When fuel or oil is delivered to your mine and offloaded from the truck to bulk storage tanks, contamination can and will occur.

This point of contact is one of many that will introduce contamination before your lubrication oil reaches its final destination, your critical rotating machinery.


NLOFT Oil Handing & Delivery Systems

NLOFT Oil Handling and Delivery Equipment

Purify your lubrication oil Maximize uptime, fix an emergency

Speak to an NLOFT engineer about filtration solutions for the mining industry.

Answering Your Call, Day or Night

We understand the pressure you’re under to get your plant back online. We have skilled engineers who can support you with oil purification systems suited for your industry.

Fast Response

Are you facing an unscheduled shutdown or imminent malfunction? Call us 24/7, and we’ll be there with the right equipment to resolve your issue within 24hrs.

Nationwide Distribution

Our state-of-the-art filtration skids are strategically located at distribution centers throughout the U.S. That's how we can get you a new or rented (in stock) skid in 24hrs.

Custom Solutions

Our depth of experience and advanced manufacturing capabilities means there really is no limit to our custom filtration solutions for even the most extreme of applications.