High Vacuum Transformer Oil Conditioner Unit

The High Vacuum Transformer Oil Conditioner Unit designed by the experts at No Limit Filtration Technologies is multi-purpose. Designed with a high Kw low watt density heater and a 2-stage vacuum pump with a booster capable of achieving .5 Torr, the HVTOCU produces dry transformer oil required by the OEMs. The HVTOCU will remove water in the transformer oil, and it can achieve a 10-PPM water content or even lower in some cases.

About the High Vacuum Transformer Oil Conditioner Unit (HVTOCU)

Our customers can use the HVTOCU for evacuating oil from a transformer truck and then recirculate the tanker while pulling the vacuum on an empty transformer to dry out the windings. The unit is capable of transfering oil from the tanker back into the transformer without having to be shut down while under the vacuum, saving you time and offering you convenience. The typical flow rates of the HVTOCU range from 5 to 50-GPM and the unit can be used for the oil filtration of mineral based transformer oils and silicon oils.


Product Standard Features

Two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump with booster

Dual variable frequency drives

Coalescer tower media

Phase reversal switch

Front access to controls and valves

Insulated Incoloy low watt density heater

Positive displacement gear pumps

Teledyne hasting gauge

Vacuum rated flanged valves

Digital flow meter and totalizer

Absolute rated micro-glass elements

Product Optional Features

Digital particle monitor

Custom designs

Doble domino moisture sensors

Nema 7 applications

Various voltage configurations

Enclosed or gooseneck trailer mounted

Multi-stage filtration

Fullers Earth option for acid removal

The HVTOCU is ideal for typical applications including power generation: transformer on-site maintenance and utility: substation maintenance on transformers. Our custom designs allow you to have confidence that your oil filtration system will meet your size and industry production requirements. We have extensive knowledge and experience, and we’re committed to providing you with an effective solution for your oil contamination problems. Our units are designed and manufactured to endure the toughest applications.

Please be sure to contact us if you have any questions about our HVTOCU or additional products. We look forward to building a lasting relationship with you.