Vacuum Dehydrator - (WPRS) Water Particulate Removal System

Our high-quality vacuum dehydrator - (WPRS) Water Particulate Removal System is designed to maximize water extraction and remove harmful gases and particulate contamination. Without proper filtration, these contaminants will cause problems with your machinery, leading to unscheduled downtime and costly maintenance problems. Using our WPRS will result in clean and dry oil, greatly improving the production and lifespan of your machinery. Our typical flow rates range from 2-100 GPM and can be used on a wide range of products, which include gear oils, hydraulic oils, lube oils, phosphate oils, and insulating oils. Our WPRS comes in a variety of sizes, making it possible for you to find one that best fits your space requirements.

The key to a better running machine for your industry is a high quality vacuum dehydrator - (WPRS) Water Particulate Removal System. The WPRS come with a wide range of standard and optional features designed to offer you the best results. Cleaner oil will save you time and money, eliminating the headache of decreased productivity. You can depend on No Limit Oil Filtration Technologies to assist you with your oil contamination concerns.

What the WPRS is Designed to Remove

Water contamination: Our vacuum dehydrator – (WPRS) Water Particulate Removal System can effectively remove all free, emulsified, and dissolved water down to 25 Parts per Million (PPM) or lower.

Particulate Removal: The WPRS is designed with a high efficiency absolute rated filter element rated beta (c)>1000 per ISO 16889, and is fully capable of effectively achieving the cleanliness codes: Gear Oil: ISO 18/16/14, Turbine/Hydraulic Oils: ISO 16/14/11, and Fuel Oil: ISO 14/13/11.
Gases: The WPRS will effectively remove entrained air and gases from oils, which include Benzene, Methane, H2s, etc. Flair adaptable for H2S.



5 GPM (WPRS)  Explosion Proof  Vacuum Dehydrator

Explosion Proof
Vacuum Dehydrator

Product Standard Features

Dry claw style vacuum pump rates, which requires less maintenance
(Advantage) Higher CFM, maximizing water extraction

Variable frequency drive
(Advantage) Speed control, which offers versatility on high viscosity oils or cold oil applications

Anti-wear media
(Advantage) Media in the vacuum tower never has to be replaced, eliminating costly elements.

Phase reversal switch
(Advantage) Eliminates the need to open the control panel for the purpose of swapping the rotation of motors

Front access to controls and valves
(Advantage) The safety feature allows the operator to access all of the controls and valves from the front side of the unit

Insulated Incoloy low watt density heater; Incoloy elements are the highest quality and the longest lasting element on the market today
(Advantage) Prevents coking of oil and additional damage

Positive displacement gear pump
(Advantage) The pump is self-priming and has an adjustable relief valve

Absolute rated micro-glass element ISO 16889 which comes in various micron
(Advantage) High efficiency Element RatedBeta(c)> 1000 per sizes

Product Optional Features

Digital particle monitor

Moisture sensor

Custom designs

Nema 7 applications

Various voltage configurations

Enclosed or trailer mounted

Stainless steel wetted components

Lifting structures